OFDM Modem Library with Hopping for FPGA
The OFDM Modem Library with Hopping is based on the NI PXI platform and developed in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment. It has a simple and easy to understand architecture.
The OFDM transmitter consists of 8 main parts, including data acquisition, modulation, creating OFDM symbols, GPS synchronization etc. By using NI adapter module for FlexRIO you can transmit data from any external source.
The OFDM receiver consists of 11 main parts, including receive data from RF analyzer, decimation and center frequency estimation, packet detection using autocorrelation method, Fourier transform, demodulation, etc. With the addition of NI VST module it is possible to add additional features such as: Reed-Solomon coding and decoding, Convolution coding and Viterbi decoding and Interleaving and deinterleaving.