Multifunctional Measurement Station
The Multifunctional Measurement Station (MMS) platform is designed to generate and analyze the main types of modulated signals. It supports 10 types of modulations: 3 digital and 7 analogue.
The software is developed in the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment and works in conjunction with the NI PXI platform.
This platform will help the users to gain a better understanding of the modulation/demodulation principles.
  1. Frequency modulation
  2. Phase modulation
  3. Amplitude modulation
  4. Quadrature amplitude modulation
  5. Pulse amplitude modulation
  6. Phase shift keying
  7. Frequency shift keying
  8. Amplitude shift keying
  9. Minimal shift keying
  10. Continuous-phase frequency shift keying