Multichannel RF Transceiver Test System
The developed system works in an automatic mode and supports signal generation measurements up to 10GHz. The system provides accurate and repeatable measurements and reduces the test time by 10 times.
The user can control the output signals, analyze, and store the received signals from the DUT with 4 RX inputs, 4 TX outputs and 4 combined TX inputs / RX outputs. The DUT TX paths work only in pulse mode, where RX operates both in pulse and continuous modes. All channels have programmable phase shifters, amplifiers (RX-LNA) and attenuators controlled through the RS-485 port according to the customer-specific programs.
The system is based on the NI PXI platform and uses software developed in the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment, wich makes the system more flexible allowing to modify the system under customer requirements.
  1. Output signal power accuracy
  2. Maximum frequency deviation from nominal value
  3. Output power
  4. Frequency setting time
  5. Amplitude modulation depth
  6. Amplitude-frequency response (flatness) in tunable bandwidth
  7. Delay instability of an output RF pulse versus input synchronization pulse
  8. Rising\falling edge delays of an RF pulse versus input IF pulse rising\falling edges
  9. Radio pulse rise and fall time
  10. RF pulse amplitude flatness
  11. Phase noise, offsets from the carrier 1kHz, 5MHz
  12. Output signal amplitude noise
  13. Spurious emissions, harmonics and subharmonics