Multichannel Frequency Synthesizer Test System
The universal test system is designed for functional and parametric control of multichannel synthesizer (10 channels) in the frequency range from 200MHz to 6GHz.
The test system is equipped with a variety of advantages, such as measurement of 25 parameters in 12 minutes and reduce the testing time by 35 times.
The hardware of the system is based on the NI PXI platform. The software is developed in the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment. All this makes the system more flexible allowing to customize the system to an analog problem.
  1. Output signal frequency range
  2. Maximum frequency deviation from nominal value
  3. Output power
  4. Frequency setting time
  5. Amplitude modulation depth
  6. Amplitude-frequency response (flatness) in tunable bandwidth
  7. Delay instability of an output RF pulse vs. input synchronization pulse
  8. Rising\falling edge delays of an RF pulse vs. input IF pulse rising\falling edges
  9. Radio pulse rise and fall time
  10. RF pulse amplitude flatness
  11. Radio pulse amplitude instabilities generated in 0.5 sec
  12. Phase noise, offsets from the carrier 1 kHz, 5Mhz
  13. Output signal amplitude noise
  14. Spurious emissions, harmonics and subharmonics